Our Five Values

Our five values shape our culture. They inform the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other, and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients and communities. Our values remind us of the behaviours that set us apart. We recruit and retain the best, talk straight, play to win, grow and improve, and empower and trust.Our Values are an expression of who we are.

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Recruit and retain the best

Carwardines values talent – the talent of our people. Our continuing success requires us to retain and grow our talent through a constant inflow of innovative, creative people who add value to our firm and our clients.

To do this we:
• Set high expectations
• Focus unrelentingly on identifying talent
• Develop career pathsIdentify and invest in potential
• Develop relationships and engage our alumni
• Value diversity and foster an environment where talented people thrive and excel

Talk straight

Talk straight means open, regular, honest and constructive communication throughout our firm and with our clients.

To do this we:
• Tell it like it is, with empathy and respect
• Communicate freely while mindful of the impact
• Have no hidden agendas
• Are courageous in our pursuit of truth
• Stand up for what we believe in

Play to win

Every relationship we enter, every opportunity we encounter, we approach with confidence based on our knowledge and skills.

To do this we:
• Think and act beyond the boundaries of our local markets or business disciplines
• Believe in our ability to win
• Develop superior products and services
• Support and promote our people and our customer’s success
• Network and foster great relationships
• Deliver on our promises

Continuously grow and improve

We encourage our people towards a lifetime of learning and mentoring. We seek new challenges and find innovative ways to deal with changing circumstances through the 3 Gs: Grow the business; Grow the team; and Grow yourself.

To do this we:
• Learn from the ideas of others
• Think outside the square and are prepared to take risksInnovate
• Reward achievement
• Encourage our people to expand their experience and grow

Empower and trust

At Carwardines we encourage ownership and pride by providing clarity and delegating responsibility and authority to all our people.
To do this we:
• Take ownership for what we do
• Take personal accountability for our actions
• Give and delegate responsibility
• Balance the future of the firm with the need for short term results
• Build trust and have confidence in each other

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