Investment Loans

An investment loan is designed to help either start or grow that investment portfolio and aim for the long term. Investment loans are designed from the ground up to help maximise the most you can make from investing while keeping the interest rate as low as possible so you can keep more of what you earn.  

But how should you invest this newly acquired capital? Investments can be more than just shares or a business. Options such as a managed fund, property, and super can all be invested in to capitalise on the money you have and make big returns. At Carwardines, we operate with over 60 lenders to give you the best rate possible for your loan. Our amazing Finance Brokers with over 30 years of experience can provide the best advice no matter your situation. We can even tune the loan depending on what you choose to invest in. That way you are never afraid of not having enough of what you deserve.  

Investment Loan Products  

We have many different types of loans for varying purposes. Whether you are purchasing an investment property, shares or managed funds it is important to pick the right loan product for your requirements and objectives.  

  1. Variable - Take advantage of the ups and downs of the market with the ability to have an offset account
  2. Fixed - Lock in your rate for a set amount of years to provide certainty with your repayments  
  3. Basic - No frills with a low rate and low fees
  4. Line of Credit - Similar to a Credit Card you have access to funds when you need them and interest is charged on the amount you use.  
  5. Interest in Advance - Fixed loan with annual interest repayments to maximise your potential deductions and manage your finances.  

How we can help

They can analyse your finances and use this information to tailor your loan so you don’t find yourself losing money each month from poor planning. Additionally, they will be with you along the way ensuring that your loan remains suitable and competitive. There is a loan that can fit any income or financial situation, you just have to be willing to take that dive. Our Finance Broker’s are just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment or consultation with us at Carwardines and start your investment journey.

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